Our Service Offerings

We improve your financial situation with our expertise and global vision in investment, insurance and lending.

Analysis of your financial situation

Look together with the client their goals/objectives, look at what they already hold (if applicable), ask the necessary questions and gather important information needed for a Financial Needs Analysis (FNA) and do a financial security analysis (insurance)


Research and analysis of your short- and long-term goals

At the office, following the first meeting, we perform a Financial Needs Analysis for the client, choose the type of account that is best for them, choose the funds according to our investment analysis and vision and finally prepare the necessary documents.


Recommendation and Improvements for their achievements

We contact the client again to offer an explanation for the financial needs analysis regarding the analysis process and the results to implement the chosen strategy and finalize documents.


Continuity of services throughout your financial journey

We offer follow-up meetings subsequent to changes in the client's life aspects (goals, net worth, divorce, childbirth, death etc.) or in the market. Nevertheless, we always remain available for our client.

How we work

We work with several financial institutions and offer a wide range of investment, insurance and mortgage services. Through several conferences and courses, we study our industry in depth and explore various solutions to offer the best opportunities to our customers. Since 1992, we have been helping our clients protect and grow their capital by meeting their unique financial goals, through personalized and quality advice.

  • Know our customer
  • Analyzing the current financial situation
  • Aligning short- and long-term goals
  • Analyze information and provide recommendations
  • Setting up the plan and monitoring